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Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Bachelor in International Sport Management

Master in

Master in Sport and Exercise Science

”As LUNEX uses block courses for teaching, professional athletes do not need to curtail their sporting careers and can combine athletic success with the development of a professional career right from the start. Block courses allow continued training and competition preparation „at home,“ and moving to a city far from an athlete‘s usual training center is not necessary.“

Laurent Carnol, Instructor at LUNEX University and 3-time Olympian (50, 100, and 200 m breaststroke)

Studying at LUNEX

Students at LUNEX profit from a personal learning environment and individual support. As a private educational institution LUNEX University can guide its students individually through their studies. As courses are offered in blocks, moving in order to undertake studies is not necessarily required.

Degree programmes at LUNEX University were developed in accordance with criteria outlined in the Bologna Process and comply with various laws governing who can be licensed to practice certain professions in Europe. This is crucial for students who later wish to apply to become licensed practitioners in the European Community in their fields. Graduates expand their career perspectives even further by completing their studies in the global business language of English.

The international orientation of LUNEX University’s degree programmes, and their innovative content, are supported by a state-of-the-art digital learning environment. LUNEX University takes inspiration from the changing ways in which people are using modern media and incorporates these new approaches into its teaching.

Dual careers

The lack of a way to combine sports with studying or part-time work is a common reason why many athletes give up their athletic careers. By flexibly organizing their studies, athletes can pursue their athletic careers to the fullest while working towards earning a federally-recognized degree at LUNEX University. These students simultaneously use the knowledge gained in areas such as human movement, sport management, and physiotherapy for their own personal training programmes and athletic success, while preparing for their post-athletic careers.

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