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Internationalisation at LUNEX University

As a private university with an international alignment, LUNEX University welcomes interested students from both Luxembourg and from abroad. At the same time, we offer our enrolled students the opportunity to gain international experience.

Broaden your horizons:
Experiences abroad

In an increasingly globalised world, international experience and intercultural expertise are more important than ever. This means that spending a semester abroad adds tremendous value when it comes to your personal and professional development. The Erasmus+ programme is a great way to gather valuable experience abroad: benefit from new, professional stimuli, and experiences that will broaden your horizons when it comes to other cultures and ways of thinking.

Check in at LUNEX:
Arriving in Luxembourg

Studying abroad can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know the language, the culture or the country. Our team is happy to help and support you throughout the course of your university adventure. LUNEX University and Luxembourg are excellent places for study abroad experiences, as internationality is firmly embedded in both. Hardly any other environment offers such a wealth of cultures and languages.

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