Gain experience in Europe:
Erasmus+ programme

Would you like to enrich your study or practical experience with a stay abroad? Erasmus+ is the new programme of the European Union to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. LUNEX students can enrich their knowledge and experience by taking part in their courses or internships at a partner institution and having their credits obtained abroad recognized.

If you are a bachelor’s or master’s student at LUNEX University and are interested in living an experience that will open your mind, provide cultural exchange, linguistic knowledge, expand your network and provide you with new skills, stay tuned to the procedures to be followed.

There are two Erasmus + exchange programmes for students:

  • Student mobility – study period
  • Student mobility – traineeship

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Study period – Step-by-step application

Available for students from:

  • Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Bachelor in International Sport Management
  • Master in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Master in Sport Management and Digitalisation
  1. Have a look at the institutions with which LUNEX University has an inter-institutional agreement here. Check with which programme there are agreements, the respective courses and modules offered, the compatibility of the academic calendar, the language requirements, the place of study and the local cost of living.
  2. Send the application form via the student’s LUNEX University email address within the programme’s specific deadlines:  
  • For mobility periods starting in fall term (September to February): from 01/02 to 01/03.
  • For mobility periods starting in spring term (March to August): from 01/08 to 01/09.
    Applications will be evaluated by the respective Erasmus+ Coordinators for studies of each programme. If there are technical questions about the modules and universities, you can contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the respective programme:

3. When the student is approved:

must be prepared by the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the respective programme and the student and signed by the three parties and then sent via the student’s LUNEX University email address to

4. Finally, the student will take the OLS language assessment. 

Traineeship – Step-by-step application

Available for students of: 

  • Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science 
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy 
  • Master in Sport and Exercise Science 
  • Master in Physiotherapy 
  1. For Sport and Exercise Science students, contact the lecturer Catarina Andrade to find out about deadlines, procedures, LUNEX partner institutions or, find an institution and contact her to verify the possibility.
    or Physiotherapy students, the Clinical Placements Office is in charge of defining the deadlines and procedures to apply to the Erasmus Traineeship scheme. To gather the information about the current active call for Physiotherapy click here.
  2. Send the applicationformvia the student’s LUNEX University email address within the programme’s specific deadlines. 
  3. Your application for mobility will be evaluated by the Erasmus+ coordinator of your study programme, you will receive a feedback on your application within the programme’s specific deadlines.  
  4. Only after the mobility of a student is approved (point 3 above) and only for student whose mobility is approved: 

a) A Learning Agreement – traineeship must be prepared and signed by the three parties and then sent via the student’s LUNEX University e-mail address to Your study programme contact point or the Erasmus Program Office can support you during this process, however bear in mind that for this grant scheme this is a student-driven process. 

5) Finally, the student will receive and must sign the Grant Agreement and take the OLS language assessment. 

Useful information

Exchange duration 

2 to 12 months (generally, 3 months). 

Language requests and language testing 

The student must make an assessment of the language level required by the institution before and another one at the end of the exchange through Online Linguistic Support. 

Using the same tool, students can also take courses in several languages. 

Erasmus + grants and university fees 

Depending on the availability of scholarships and of the student’s position in the Erasmus + selection process, it is possible to obtain a monthly scholarship and financial aid for transportation. 

Values can be found here. 

Students with disabilities (e.g. long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments) can apply for additional help. 

It is also possible to participate in Erasmus + without a scholarship. In this case, the student must have been approved in the selection process and the costs are the individual responsibility. 

During the period abroad, the students do not pay fees at the destination institution. It is only necessary to continue to pay LUNEX University fees normally. 


The responsibility for finding housing lies with the student. Some institutions offer university residences. This information must be obtained directly from the destination institution. 

Erasmus + App 

Before departure, the student must register with the Erasmus + app. 

Health insurance 

Students must guarantee their health coverage during their stay abroad. It is recommended to apply for the European Health Insurance Card or check its expiration date. 

After the exchange 

Upon returning, the student must send the Certificate of end of Erasmus + and the document of the credits obtained abroad to 

Furthermore, the students can become an ambassador and share their experiences and contribute to the development of their colleagues and the dissemination of Erasmus + values and principles. 

Questions about administrative procedures and information 


There are two Erasmus+ exchange programme for external students:

  • Student mobility – study period: The institution must have an interinstitutional agreement with LUNEX University. Students’ application procedures and proposals for new interinstitutional agreement must be done through their home institution. Please contact your university’s international relations or Erasmus+ department. General questions and proposals for inter-institutional agreements can be sent to
  • Student mobility – traineeship: Students can send an Europass CV and a cover letter containing, among others, desired period, projects and programme of interest to The application will be evaluated by the Erasmus+ Coordinators.

Next step: If the student is approved

must be prepared by the student and signed by the three parties and then sent to

More information on our programmes

Applicants can find information on modules, key components and ECTS credits for each of our programmes below:

Any questions?
Individual support

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide answers to your questions about LUNEX University and Erasmus+:

Phone: +352 288 494-83

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Good to know

Application for a Bachelor’s programme:
1. Fill out our Online Application Form.
2. Take part in one of our Application Days. We will invite you to attend in person.
3. After successful participation in the Application Day we will email you with your study agreement. Please print it out, sign it and then send it to LUNEX University by post, along with the evidence documents specified in the email.

Application for a Master’s programme:
1. Fill out our Online Application Form.
2. If you have met all the prerequisites for the Master’s programme, we will email you with your study agreement. Please read it carefully, print it out and sign it.
3. In order to complete your application, please send the signed study agreement along with all other required evidence documents by post to LUNEX University.

As an applicant for one of our Bachelor’s programmes, you will be invited to attend an Application Day online. A selection procedure will take place on this day to check whether you meet the necessary prerequisites for the course.

More about the Application Day

The language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX University is English. You should therefore be able to speak and understand English well. You have the opportunity to participate in the Foundation Programme and improve your English if your language skills do not meet the entrnce requirements for study at Bachelor level.

We will inform you in the course of the application process which supporting documents have to be provided and when. In principle, we need the following documents for your application:

  • Copy of your personal ID
  • Copy of the highest educational and/or vocational qualification
  • Language certificate (if applicable)

Depending on the degree programme (Bachelor/Master) and your country of origin (EU/non-EU), further documents may be required. More details will be provided to you in good time.

To secure a study place, we recommend that you send us your documents as soon as possible – but at the latest two weeks before the start of your studies. If you are an applicant from outside the EU, you should note that the application process for a visa can take four to 60 days. Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time.