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Young people wanting to study are at a critical stage of their lives. It is both about their professional future, as well as the personal development and social experiences that will shape the rest of their lives. As an educational institution, we take on board the responsibility that comes with this. We embrace this every day, from the commencement of their studies to their successful graduation at LUNEX University.

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LUNEX University

LUNEX University provides the ideal study conditions for your child. Modern facilities enable research and teaching at the highest level. Our professors and lecturers have international practical and pedagogic experience, allowing a wide range of academic topics to be incorporated into our study programmes. Our certified quality management ensures that we continually strive for improvement. Education is an investment in the future: it is our aim and aspiration at Lunex to give our students the best possible chance to develop both professionally and personally, in order to succeed in their lives and careers..

Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world – and one of the most international. Besides the three official languages – French, Luxembourgish and German – most residents also speak and understand English. At LUNEX, we teach in the leading academic language: English. If your child needs to improve their English, we offer a foundation programme preceding the bachelor courses that ensures a successful start to their degree.

You are bound to have lots of questions regarding your child’s choice to study at Lunex about the course they have already begun. We have therefore published some frequently asked questions and answers on this page. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us personally.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

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