Quality management

LUNEX University has established a comprehensive quality assurance and governance programme. Our quality management department contributes to maintaining a high standard of research and teaching, as well as the successful completion of studies. Our management principles and tools (governance) ensure that the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area (ESG) are implemented effectively.

Continuous improvement process

At LUNEX University, we conduct a continuous improvement process that includes aspects such as course development and monitoring, the allocation of study places and qualification documentation, as well as research and teaching. We ensure that our actions comply with the European standards for quality assurance in higher education.


Feedback culture

Feedback on the quality of our work is important to us. We use several methods to obtain the widest picture possible: surveys, face-to-face meetings, assignment and exam results, as well as feedback from our cooperation partners on our students’ abilities. These provide valuable information about areas in which we can improve our teaching content or the general learning conditions.


Transparency through information

The provision of information about LUNEX University and its courses is also part of our quality management programme. For this purpose, we publish information on our website, in brochures and other media that are accessible to the general public, current and prospective students, parents and other interested parties.


Dedicated administration

Dedicated administrative staff work behind the research and teaching scenes to support our students and academic staff, as well as any interested parties and applicants, in organisational and technical issues. This comprehensive service includes study and careers advice, the organisation and implementation of exams, room allocation, IT structure development, software management and legally compliant data protection.


Controlled by academic councils

We are continually developing our quality assurance programme controlled by LUNEX University’s various academic councils, primarily the Teaching and Learning Council and Research Council. These bodies participate in the quality assurance cycle by analysing feedback and implementing improvements to academic processes, research and teaching.

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If you have any questions or need more information about quality assurance and governance at LUNEX University, please send an email to qualityassurance@lunex-university.net.

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