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LUNEX University is involved in an number of health, sport and management projects. We work closely with a global network of experts, including sports organisations, clubs and associations, training centres, clinics, therapists and commercial enterprises. We also maintain partnerships with state authorities and scientific institutions. Our sponsors help us in making our educational programmes even more attractive, in implementing research projects, and in guaranteeing facilities of the highest standard.

Shaping the future together

LUNEX University strives for the close integration of science, society and business. The resulting relationships and contacts are important for our study programmes and research activities. Cooperation is a key element of this, and we strive to continuously expand our partner network.

When developing our courses, we work with international experts from the science, sport, health and business sectors. Since LUNEX University was founded, we have maintained close relationships with business, sports and professional associations. We conduct interdisciplinary basic research and application-oriented research based on this: the aim is to synchronise scientific and economic innovation cycles. To achieve this, we are interested in gaining additional cooperation partners. Interested? Contact us!

Sponsorship opportunities for companies

There are many ways for companies to become sponsors of LUNEX University. Commitment is never a one-way street: we design our partnerships so that they benefit all parties.

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Are you interested in our various partnership or sponsorship opportunities? We will be happy to provide the appropriate information and look forward to hearing from you.
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