International Sport Management

The Sports Professionals beyond the Sidelines

Graduates of the International Sport Management degree programme are the sports professionals who work “in the background.” Their extensive knowledge of economics can also be successfully used in careers other than sport. Active athletes use the degree programme in order to qualify for positions in organization and management in sports departments and institutions. Employees of sports clubs and confederations find it helpful in expanding their areas of influence and practice, e.g. in the areas of sponsorship and marketing.

What do international sport managers do?

The degree programme in International Sport Management prepares you for the tasks professional sports managers tackle in a global context. As a graduate of the Bachelor in International Sport Management programme, you work at the interface between sports and business. By approaching the demands and challenges of the field in a reflective manner, you can ensure the success of your institution.

As a graduate of the programme, you are the ideal expert for leading companies and sports organizations with clear strategies. You may take on managerial positions in clubs, confederations, and businesses and are crucial in contributing to sustainable development within such organizations.

You have a comprehensive knowledge of business management and economics and have specialized knowledge in finance, sports law, marketing, and media in sports, gained through hands-on experience. You can identify changes in the market, develop successful business strategies, and formulate rational arguments.

The degree programme prepares you to address developments in the sports market and to tackle tasks you will encounter in the field in national and international markets. The Bachelor’s degree qualifies you to continue with Master’s studies, which concentrate on deepening knowledge in fields such as law, media, management, marketing, and finance. Continuing with doctoral studies is also possible.

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Organized sports (clubs and confederations)
  • Sports products and equipment
  • Media agencies and businesses
  • Event management
  • Market research
  • Sports politics
  • Private sector
  • Consulting


  • Preparation for managerial positions in international sports
  • Acquisition of leadership skills
  • Development of a global, interdisciplinary view of the world of professional sports
  • Combination of key qualifications for career and academia
  • Training in analytical and strategic skills
  • Experiential learning in the domains of organized and professional sports, the sports industry and research
  • Expert input from sports goods industries and high-performance sports

Study progress

The Bachelor‘s degree in International Sport Management contains practical course content in the fields of economics, management and sports. In addition to an introduction to academic research, the course develops students‘ knowledge of corporate governance, finance, marketing, media and communications, and sports law. Practical internships reinforce the theoretical knowledge and prepare students for the research work involved in their Bachelor‘s thesis.

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