Sport and Exercise Science (Master) 

At a glance

Duration: 4 semesters (block teaching)
Degree Level: Master
Credits: 120 ECTS
Tuition fee: €750/month
Registration fee: €550, single payment
Language: English
Start: October (accredited)

Entry Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent (EQF level 6) in sport and exercise science or a related field of study (e.g. physical education, physiotherapy)
  • Alternative: an undergraduate degree in natural sciences
  • English: B2 level

Course profile: Become an expert in the science of high-performance and health through exercise

Sport and health are both megatrends. Their social and economic significance is growing constantly. Whether in elite sport, prevention, rehabilitation, research, education oder teaching: the need for highly-skilled specialists is more important than ever. The four semester Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science at LUNEX University will develop your scientific competencies and, furthermore, will qualify you as a desirable professional in the field.

Course objectives: In-depth knowledge, expertise and professional skills for greater employment opportunities

The Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science brings together cutting-edge science and methods from the areas of training science, sport and exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology and nutrition. To optimise your learning outcomes, our real-world orientated, versatile curriculum blends research-based theory with practical applications.

At LUNEX University, you will deepen your knowledge of how physiological, psychological, biomechanical and nutritional components impact on health and human performance. You will learn how to use this knowledge in practical settings and become skilled in assessing and optimising performance and health for specific populations (e.g. athletes, patients). The Master’s degree programme will greatly improve your professional prospects, expand your competencies and qualify you to perform demanding tasks at national and international level.

Target groups: For whom is the degree programme designed?

The degree programme is designed for sports enthusiasts, sport coaches and sports therapists wishing to use advanced scientific and practical methods to work in the wider fields of sport, training, performance analysis and health.

Do you already hold an undergraduate degree in the areas of sports science (or equivalent) or natural sciences? And are you looking for a bright and safe future in the areas of sport, health, science or education? Then get started: The Master’s degree programme in Sport and Exercise Science at LUNEX University will get you across the finishing line. Click on the link for the admission requirements.

Why LUNEX University?

  • Outstanding research environment: state-of-the-art equipment with laboratories and extensive analytical and diagnostical equipment
  • Global environment: English as the teaching language, multilingual culture, as well as international research, performance and health experts
  • Always up to date: Guest lecturers from the field of sport and health (competitive athletes, elite coaches and sports officials)
  • Out of the lab and onto the field: Direct transfer of theory into practice
  • Dual Career: Compatibility of elite sport and academic studies
  • Excellent infrastructure: surrounded by training and competition facilities
  • Digital learning support: Combination of e-learning and blended learning
  • Student-Centred: Intensive and highly individual support
  • Career focussed: Curriculum orientated towards the needs of national and international job markets
  • Certified quality: Accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research; certified according to ISO 9001 and 29990
  • State-of-the-art: Modern buildings, highly functional and stylish interior design

Structure and curriculum: This is what you can expect

The Master’s in Sport and Exercise Science takes four semesters, including an internship and the Master’s thesis. The course modules are structured into lectures and practical blocks of one to two weeks. These are followed by an intense self-study phase of three to four weeks. You will have continuous access to online teaching and study material.

The degree focuses on the assessment and optimisation of physical performance and health in the context of competitive and recreational sport and exercise. You study how to collect, analyse and interpret physiological, psychological, nutritional and biomechanical performance parameters. Also, you investigate factors that inhibit performance, and how nutrition, psychology and biological adaptation processes are used to improve performance or health. You will then, with the application of this knowledge, be able to design training schedules and training programmes for various target groups.

Core subjects

  • Research methods for sport and exercise science
  • Applied psychology in sport and health
  • Training and testing of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Musculoskeletal health and performance
  • Training and testing of the central nervous system
  • Nutrition for sport and health
  • Internship and professional development
  • Research project / Master’s thesis

Core competencies: This is what you will learn

  • Assessment of performance and health aspects of athletes and non-athletes
  • Individual planning and implementation of effective training programmes for various target groups
  • Assessment-based design and control of training programmes and performance parameters
  • Designing nutrition plans for sport and health to match training and performance needs
  • Implementation of evaluations and interventions in sports psychology for (competitive) athletes
  • Scientific professionalism in the area of exercise, health and sport performance
  • Understanding of research within sport and exercise science, its critical analysis and communication

Course of study

1st semester

You will start with an introductory module in the first semester. As students are admitted to the degree with different academic qualifications, this module aims to level the study environment and ensures that all students start subsequent modules with a similar level of knowledge. In addition, you will complete the Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Science module to improve your insight and skills in the areas of planning, carrying out and statistical evaluation of research studies in the field of sport and exercise science. In addition, you will acquire extensive skills in sports psychology diagnosis.

2nd - 3rd semester

Between the second and third semester, you will focus on the various testing and training methods of the core subjects in sport and exercise science. These comprise physiology, motor control and learning and nutrition. The Master’s degree also includes an internship and a professional development module, both of which promote key professional and personal skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and analytical thinking.

4th semester

During your final semester, you will write a Master’s thesis in the form of a research project. Based on your interests and career ambitions you will complete an independent piece of scientific work. This is supervised and supported by an experienced member of our staff.

Blending theory with practice: A successful combination

LUNEX University places great importance on the interaction between theory and practice. This is why our students complete a high number of practical exercises in our well-equipped training and research facilities. You will apply your knowledge using real-world scenarios. Amongst others, you will use the following equipment and technologies:

  • Cycling ergometer
  • Treadmill
  • Spirometry and lung function
  • Lactate and glucose analysis
  • 3D-Sensors for motion analysis
  • Force and acceleration measurement technology for sprint and jump power analysis
  • Neuropsychological testing (e.g. reaction time)
  • Heart rate monitors and electrocardiography
  • Electromyography
  • Electroencephalography

During your third semester, you will complete a 400-hour internship in a professional field of your choice. Due to our professional and continuously expanding network of national and international sports organisations, private-sector companies and training centres, we will be able to help you secure a suitable and exciting internship.

Prospects after graduating: Reaching for the sky

As a Master’s degree graduate in Sport and Exercise Science, your national and international prospects are extremely versatile. Whether you start immediately after graduating in a sports business, conduct performance assessments for professional athletes or embark on a career in research, your extensive newly gained expertise and professional skills will point your career in only one direction and that is up!

Career and profession: Desired team leaders

With an internationally recognised Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, you will be a highly desired specialist in any of a number of different areas of sport, fitness and health. Depending on personal career interests, sport and exercise scientists work as professional coaches, scientific team or athlete support staff, therapists, consultants, researchers or in management positions. Typical employers include:

  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Health associations and institutions
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Therapy centres
  • Public authorities and health insurers
  • Universities, schools, further education centres and research institutions
  • Schools for talented athletes and football academies
  • Sport and fitness industry
  • Sports goods and training gear manufacturers
  • Personal training agencies

Further qualifications and specialisation: The next level

Students need to stay ahead of the competition and to “stick out” in order to continue being successful. As a graduate of the Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, you will have an excellent foundation upon which to start expanding your knowledge in more specialised areas. You might even consider a doctorate to embark on a career in research or complete an additional course to gain sport specific coaching qualifications. These and many more are possible:

  • Doctorate (PhD)
  • Gaining a coaching qualification with sport associations and specialised institutes (e.g. École Nationale de l’éducation physique et des sports in Luxembourg, the Trainerakademie Cologne)
  • Certified qualification as a sports therapist
  • Certified Exercise Practitioner (e.g. British Association of Sport and Exercise Science)
  • Certification as a (clinical) exercise physiologist (e. g. American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Certified personal trainer

Application: On your marks! Get set. Go!

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (EQF level 6) in Sports/Exercise Science or a related field of study (e.g. Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Human Movement Studies, Physical Education)
  • Alternative: undergraduate degree in natural sciences (e. g. biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or computer science)
  • English B2 level (LUNEX written and oral English language test*)

* Note: alternatively, proof of B2 language level may be accepted (e.g. Cambridge, IELTS)

How to apply

Please apply via our online application form. After we have received your online application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Before you start your studies, we also need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the Bachelor diploma and transcript of records
  • CV
  • Current passport photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm)
  • Health insurance certificate

Please upload the required documents when requested by email.

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Any Questions?

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