Advancing human health through movement: The master’s programme in physiotherapy

The master’s course in physiotherapy combines advanced clinical, scientific and research-specific components from different key areas of physiotherapy. You will gain advanced knowledge and consolidate your professional expertise, honing your skills in a diverse, open and international environment.

At a glance

Duration: 4 semesters
Degree level: Master
Credits: 120 ECTS
Tuition fee: 750 € per month
Registration fee: 550 €, single payment
Language: English
Start: April | October

The Master in Physiotherapy offers you an excellent combination of in-depth clinical approaches and research to empower the next generation of physiotherapists. You will increase your knowledge in the areas of health promotion and health care, therapy and rehabilitation. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for competent, self-reflective and evidence-based practice of physiotherapy.

Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to further develop your skills in one of four areas within the framework of the course: Musculoskeletal health, Neurorehabilitation, Cardiorespiratory health or Paediatrics. After completing your master’s degree, you will have the necessary qualifications to apply for a professional licence and practice as a physiotherapist.

Attain a professional physiotherapy licence

To be able to practise physiotherapy, you need a professional licence. You will receive your professional licence from the country in which you have acquired your qualification. In your case, as a student at LUNEX this means: Luxembourg. Your qualification can subsequently be validated in other countries. The prerequisites for the professional licence or validation may vary according to country.


From 5 November 2021 onwards, a Master in Physiotherapy and a university education with 300 ECTS and 1125 hours of clinical placement in this area will be required to attain a professional licence as a physiotherapist. By graduating from LUNEX University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physiotherapy, you will have fulfilled all the prerequisites to apply for a professional licence from the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg.

EU countries

As a licensed physiotherapist in Luxembourg, you can apply for professional recognition in other EU member states. The most straightforward method of recognition is electronically via the European Professional Card.

Outside the EU

Depending on the country’s respective regulations, your professional physiotherapist licence can also be recognised in countries outside of the EU. In some cases, it may be necessary to take an assessment test, present proof of your language skills or even attain a post-qualification.

Open up new paths in physiotherapy

New scientific findings, social developments and changes in the health services affect modern physiotherapy, making it a dynamic profession in the healthcare sector. Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals who are responsible for developing, maintaining or restoring motor function and movement through the lifespan using evidence-based practice. Today they largely work autonomously, and in some countries as first contact practitioners in a direct access context. This does not only increase the responsibility for one’s own therapeutic actions, but also the demands on this health sector profession itself.

The task of the physiotherapist is to find the right solution for each individual patient in terms of examination, treatment and management. This master’s course prepares you for these tasks and challenges. Beyond this, we equip you with the skills to collaborate on research projects and to further develop the profession of physiotherapy.

Benefit from practical and research-oriented study

We prepare you to practice physiotherapy scientifically based on the latest evidence-based methods. During your studies, you will benefit from the experience and expertise of our unique and international team of lecturers. Many of our lecturers and professors work in research and support their teaching with their up-to-date scientific knowledge. Practical skills are also particularly important in physiotherapy. Practical exercises are therefore an important part of your studies. You will learn to understand complex bodily functions and movement sequences and to carry out therapeutic measures independently and purposefully. In our movement laboratory, we also instruct you in various measurement and analysis methods.

Your master plan: What you can expect in the Master in Physiotherapy

During the master’s course in physiotherapy, you will increase your physiotherapeutic know-how and acquire much sought-after specialist knowledge. The aim is to train you to be a physiotherapist who can act as an independent specialist in the field of human health, mobility and function. For this reason we put a particular focus on the development of clinical reasoning and self-reflective practice.

In the master’s course in physiotherapy, we introduce you to advanced concepts of research methodology and evidence-based practices. You will learn how to analyse and critically appraise clinical studies and publications. We will teach you how to interpret and implement the results of these studies for your own practice as a responsible consumer of research. The key component of this course is the development of competencies in clinical reasoning: the reflective and decision making process required in physiotherapy. We not only teach you the relevant specialist knowledge, but also encourage your communicative and analytical skills and a critical, self-reflective mind-set.

You will consolidate your know-how in musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, neurological and paediatric specialist areas of physiotherapy and learn advanced treatment approaches. You will also attain competencies in physiotherapy practice management and develop an in-depth understanding of the complexity of public health and its influencing factors.

Active learning: Application and practice

Your theoretical knowledge will be put into practice right from the start. In our modern practice rooms and movement laboratories you will be practising advanced treatment techniques and applying different analysis systems and measurement methods. Additionally, you will complete two clinical internships in different fields of physiotherapy. To this aim, we collaborate with renowned practices, rehabilitation centres and clinics throughout and outside of Europe, which meet high, international quality standards.

International teaching: Lectures in English

The courses at LUNEX University are conducted in English. Our professors and lecturers are international experts in the field of physiotherapy, meaning you will directly profit from their experience and expertise. An academic career is also facilitated by the fact that English is the lingua franca of science and research. As a LUNEX graduate, you will have the necessary tools to not only become a sought-after professional in international physiotherapy, but also to grow and develop your profession further.

Effective learning: Study organisation

The Master in Physiotherapy is organised into blocks: Periods of university attendance alternate with periods of independent study. While on the one hand, attending lectures and practical courses at LUNEX University, engaging in periods of independent study deepen your knowledge of the course contents on the other. All necessary study materials are available via the LUNEX University online platform. You can therefore learn effectively and organise your learning times to best suit you. This ensures that while studying, you will also have sufficient time for your family and career or your personal training plan.

Flexible solutions for working professionals and athletes

Do you work, or are you in training for your next athletics competition? We support your dual career at the LUNEX University! We give you the possibility of arranging your studies flexibly to fit in with your vocational training and professional engagement. Your athletic or professional career can proceed unhindered while you work towards an academic qualification on your study course. Parallel to this, you can bring the knowledge and skills gained on your course into your sports training or put your attained know-how directly into practice at your place of work – a clear advantage over the competition! Learn more about our flexible course models here.

Course of study

1st year

To support your professional development, we both challenge and promote your abilities to self-reflect and act critically, and supply you with advanced knowledge of patient care. During your clinical internship (325 hours), you will further develop your professional competencies. You will increase your knowledge of musculoskeletal, paediatric physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation, with a focus on clinical reasoning. You will also familiarise yourself with complex physiotherapeutic cases, like the care and treatment of long-term patients with severe health problems. In preparation for your master’s project you will examine and evaluate advanced research methods, ethics and evidence-base practice.

2nd year

In your second year, you will once again complete a 325-hour internship. The second year of study will focus on your master’s project. You will independently develop a topic with the help of one of our experienced supervising lecturers. You will also expand your knowledge of practical approaches and the process of clinical reasoning in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and internal medicine. You will deepen your understanding of public health and physiotherapy practice management. At the end of your course you will gather advanced clinical competences in one of the four areas: musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory health, neurorehabilitation or paediatrics. Here you will be examining specific case studies and advanced treatment methods in detail.

The final step: Careers and perspectives

As a master’s graduate in physiotherapy you will find many diverse and exciting tasks await you on both national and international levels. Whether as an independent physiotherapist, employed physiotherapist or research assistant – your comprehensive knowledge and your professional skills point your career in one direction: upwards!

After graduation, straight to the top

Fields of activity

With a master’s qualification in physiotherapy, you can apply for a professional licence as a physiotherapist in Luxemburg. According to your interests and focus, you can work in many different specialist medical areas, e.g.: paediatrics, orthopaedics, neurology, internal medicine and sports medicine. Your patients will originate from the most diverse age and professional groups. You will have the option of working as a physiotherapist and becoming an independent practitioner with your own practice. Or you might embark on a scientific career, or a career in the private sector, for example in the development of innovative rehabilitation and therapy equipment or in the research of effective treatment methods.

Potential employers are:

  • Private practices
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Businesses in the public sector
  • Health departments and health authorities
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Science and Research
Opportunities for success

With your master’s degree, you will possess the advanced clinical and methodical competencies to practise as a physiotherapist in an effective, self-reflective and evidence-based manner. These characteristics play an ever growing role in modern physiotherapy and make you a sought-after expert in this field. Your higher academic qualification is also your ticket to a higher salary and a wider scope of employment opportunities.

Additional qualifications

With a Master in Physiotherapy, you will have an excellent base on which to further increase your knowledge in specialist areas. Perhaps you are even thinking of undertaking a doctorate and beginning a career as a researcher or taking courses in new treatment methods and gathering further specialist expertise.

Opportunities for further qualification:

  • Doctorate (PhD)
  • Certified sports therapist
  • Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy post graduate programmes
  • Certification as a strength and conditioning coach

Your equipment: What you will need to bring with you

Do you have knowledge of the technical basics of physiotherapy and are you familiar with the principles of evidence-based practices? Do you already have experience in patient care? ‘Clinical reasoning’ is not an alien concept to you? Great, then you will already be bringing along the most important things for your Master’s degree in physiotherapy.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy
  • 950 hours clinical practice/internship/active activity as physiotherapist
  • English Language Skills C1 Level (CEFR)

On your marks, get set, go: How to apply

Ready to go? Applying to LUNEX University is easy and possible all year round. It only takes four steps to start your studies. We’ll show you how the application works.

1: Apply online

You can apply online at any time. Just fill out our Online Application Form.

2: Submit documents

Almost there! Now only a few documents are missing before your application is complete. You will receive an e-mail from us containing a link to our document upload centre. Please upload the following documents via our upload centre at least one month prior to the start of the course:

  • Copy of the Bachelor’s certificate and Transcript of Records
  • curriculum vitae
  • health insurance certificate
  • language certificate (e.g. Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS), if available
  • Passport photo (optional)

3: Prove language skills

After we have received your application, we will invite you to take a written and oral language test at the LUNEX University, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your English language skills. Alternatively, you can send us verification of your language skills by means of a language certificate (e.g. Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS).

4: Concluding a Study Agreement

Have you sent us all necessary documentation? Excellent! The application process is now complete. After verification of the admission requirements, we will send you the study agreement by post. Now all you have to do is sign it and send it back to us. As soon as we have the signed agreement, your place on the course will be secure and your studies can begin.

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