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Physiotherapy – Recognized Europe-wide

This fundamental degree programme enables students to gain a practically-oriented qualification in physiotherapy. After completion of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, graduates can apply to become licensed physiotherapists Europe-wide.

What do physiotherapists do?

As a graduate in Physiotherapy you will have an in-depth knowledge of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and other health impairment mechanisms. You plan therapeutic measures and rehabilitation based on medical diagnoses as well as your own observations. Their domain includes muscles, ligaments and joint ailments involving injury, illnesses or physical disability.

Furthermore, in order to prevent poor posture and movement deficits which may develop and become health problems, you can also work preventively with healthy “patients”. These preventive measures include (amongst others) massage, breathing exercises, thermo-, electro-, and hydrotherapy, but physical activity forms the basis of most physiotherapy interventions.

Graduating with an academic and internationally-recognized diploma from LUNEX University, you will be able to fulfill high standards of intervention and employ evidence-based methods that are a part of best practice. Leading positions are also open to you.

Employment opportunities:

  • Private practices (as an employee or self-employed)
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Businesses in the private sector
  • Sports clubs and confederations
  • Sports Science Institutes
  • Teaching and Research Universities

Why Bachelor’s and Master’s degree?

Master’s studies should be pursued upon completion of the Bachelor’s so that graduates can apply to become licensed practitioners in these fields Europe-wide after obtaining a Master’s degree.


  • Professionalization of your career path in physiotherapy through academic training
  • Acquisition of theoretical and practical competencies in accordance with the highest European educational standards
  • Acquisition of training in scientific method, evidence-based practice, and quality-assurance methods
  • Substantial practical experience with constant transfer of theory to applied practice

Study progress

Foundation Programme

For those applicants who do not yet meet our required entry criteria because they are facing challenges in English and/or Natural Sciences we now offer a Foundation Programme. During that time you are able to acquire the sufficient level in both fields to then start with your Physiotherapy Bachelor.

More on the Foundation Programme



The bachelor‘s degree programme teaches the basics required to work as a physiotherapist. Through practical seminars and internships, students gain experience in the field of action. Starting with small problems and ending with the bachelor´s thesis they learn step by step how to work scientifically.

Master – study progress

During the master’s programme theoretical and practical knowledge will be deepened. In addition to physiotherapeutical skills, research and scientific method are emphasized. The master‘s thesis allows students to work on a complex scientific problem.

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