Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement

The Movement Scientist

The movement scientist can act as a Human Movement coach to help others learn. They may work with children or adolescents; with those who are relearning movements after injury or illness; or with those learning movements completely anew (for example, learning to use prosthetic limbs).

What do human movement coaches do?

The degree programme in Exercise and Sports Science – Human Movement prepares you for the diverse range of tasks human movement coaches tackle in the national and international market. Your work as a human movement coach lies in the areas of learning or relearning and optimizing motor skills, working with both children and adult patients, trainers, and athletes.

The content of the degree programme focuses on the topics of motor control, development, and acquired motor learning, supplemented with psychological and pedagogical experience. You will analyze, support, and provide movement therapy for specific sports, and in illness and rehabilitation, working with both children and adults. You may also provide professional help in dealing with restrictions in movement in everyday life (for example, providing health support in companies and corporations).

As a graduate of the Exercise and Sports Science – Human Movement programme you earn the title of human movement coach. You provide support and optimize movement profiles in various spheres of activity and across all age groups and work to prevent and treat limitations in movement in your patients and clients. As a graduate, you can also continue on to Master level studies in Human Movement at LUNEX University or another university.

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Private practices (as employees or self-employed)
  • Prevention and rehabilitation centers
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Commercial companies
  • Sports clubs and confederations
  • Science and research
  • Schools & Kindergartens
  • Nursing homes


  • Professionalization of the career path for movement coaches through an academic degree programme
  • Acquisition of theoretical and practical competencies at the highest European academic level
  • Gaining an understanding of and competence in scientific methods, evidence-based practice, and methods for quality assurance
  • The highly practical nature of the degree ensures constant transfer from theory to hands-on experience

Study progress

Foundation Programme

For those applicants who do not yet meet our required entry criteria because they are facing challenges in English and/or Natural Sciences we offer a Foundation Programme. During that time you are able to acquire the sufficient level in both fields to then start with your Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement Bachelor programme.

More on the Foundation Programme 


The study programme Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement offers a broad range of knowledge. Movement and movement behaviour are approached from different perspectives, including sports medicine, biomechanics, psychology, and pedagogy. At the same time, the students learn how to coach and how to work scientifically. The programme culminates with the bachelor’s thesis.

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