Taking the lead worldwide:
The master’s programme in International Sport Management

Digital technologies are changing the sport business worldwide. In the master’s programme International Sport Management you will not only acquire advanced knowledge and skills in finance and event management, but also competencies in dealing with digitalisation processes. We prepare you to take on leading tasks in the sport business and to succeed internationally.

With the master’s programme in International Sport Management you will take a leading role both technically and professionally. On the one hand, you will expand your business know-how with expert knowledge in the areas of sport finance, global sport policy, human resources management and strategic management. On the other hand, you will acquire practical skills in business analytics, digital marketing and event management. Your professional profile will be supplemented by the further development of your qualifications not only in corporate management but also in the implementation of a scientific research project.

The course is research-led and takes current developments and trends from the world of sport, business and science into account. A focus is placed on the effects of digitalisation on relevant aspects of sport management. In this way, you are optimally prepared for future challenges in the digital age. Through an internship in a sport organisation, field trips, events, guest lectures and projects, you will also establish valuable contacts with key players from the international sport industry during your studies.

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    [content] => I have always been very interested in the human body, and how it adapts to exercise and training is fascinating. The sports science degree will allow me to work with other people or athletes who are passionate about their sports. Gaining a better understanding of the training of top elite athletes is something I want to know about. LUNEX University prepares me for a career in sport and sport science by offering me a course surrounded by competent teachers.

What, where, when?

Events & activities

Your master plan:
What you can expect in the master’s programme

What opportunities and challenges does digitalisation offer for the sport business? How does digital marketing reach the target group and which key figures are important? What needs to be considered when organising and implementing a sport event? Find out in the International Sport Management master’s programme!

We provide you with advanced practical knowledge and strategic and analytical skills to successfully manage companies and organisations in the sport sector. Essential course contents are Sport Finance and Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Sport Policy and Development, Leadership and Event Management. Highlights of the course are an extensive internship in a sport organisation, international business case studies, field trips to esteemed sporting bodies and the organisation of a real sport event.

During practical assignments and exercises, you will develop your leadership skills, for example in ethical and responsible decision-making and the management of intercultural teams, and thus increase your employability. In addition, you will acquire advanced skills in scientific inquiry and research methodology. You will complete your studies with your own research project in which you will scientifically investigate a relevant issue in sport management.

Course of study

1st year

A special highlight awaits you in your first year of study: you will plan and organise a real sport event, whose success you then analyse and critically evaluate. Beforehand, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools in strategic and operational management. You will also personally gain additional skills by learning more about the management of effective teams and developing your own leadership style. Furthermore, you will deal with the influence of laws and public policies on the sporting landscape and the challenges that sports managers face in the digital age. You will learn how to apply sport finance and business analysis tools and how to design digital marketing campaigns for sports products and services.

2nd year

The second year focuses on your research skills and professional development. You will gain advanced expertise into the conduct of research projects and will learn how to collect and critically analyse data and information. You will also develop your communication skills to effectively present the design and results of complex research. During a three-month internship, you will gain experience and apply your knowledge in a company or organisation in the sport sector. This will enable you to develop your personal and professional skills in practical situations, enhancing your employability. Finally, under the supervision of an academic expert, you will be responsible for conducting a research project in a topic of your choice that has implications for sport managers, and write your master’s thesis.


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International Sport Management Principles


Global Sport Policy and Development in the Digital Age


Sport Finance and Business Analytics





Digital and Global Sport Marketing


Developing Yourself as a Leader


Sport Facility and Event Management





Advanced Research Methods for Sport


Internship and Professional Development





Research Project



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In the fast lane:
Careers & perspectives

As a sport management master’s graduate, you will take a professional lead in a growing and dynamic industry. Your opportunities are correspondingly diverse – both on a European and international level. Whether you manage a sport club or federation, become an entrepreneur, lead a company in the sport industry to success or strive for a career in research and science, your extensive skills will take you to the top!

After graduation, straight to the top

After your master's degree in International Sport Management, you will have advanced knowledge and skills to play a leading role in various areas of the sport business. For example, you can work as a sport facility or stadium manager or in the management of a sport club. With your experience in organising sport events, you are also in demand as a sport event manager. Your marketing skills also qualify you for a leading position as a digital marketing manager. It is also possible to work as a sport development officer for a sport association. Alternatively, the path to self-employment is open to you, for example as a consultant or entrepreneur. Potential employers and areas of application are:

  • Sport clubs and associations
  • Sporting goods manufacturers
  • Marketing agencies and companies
  • Event management
  • Sport administration
  • Market research
  • Sport Policy and Government
  • Consultancy agency

The demands placed on sport managers have increased due to the professionalisation and internationalisation of sport. The ongoing digitalisation is changing economic activity, consumer behaviour and communication processes in a sustainable way. In view of these challenges, there is a need for highly qualified specialists and managers. As a master's graduate, you have advanced and comprehensive management skills that make you a sought-after specialist. Your higher academic degree also allows you to benefit from higher entry positions and attractive salary opportunities.

As a graduate of the master's programme in International Sport Management, you have an excellent basis for deepening and broadening your specialist knowledge. If you would like to continue your professional career in the direction of research, a doctorate is the right choice. Depending on your interests and career goals, you can also specialise in personnel management, marketing, controlling or other corporate areas.

Your equipment:
What you will need to bring with you

Would you like to immerse yourself in the depths of international sport business? Have you already completed a Bachelor’s degree? Would you like to develop into a leader with flexible and cross-disciplinary skills? Then get started: The International Sport Management master’s programme at LUNEX University will get you there.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent, e.g. EQF Level 6) in Business, Management, Sport Studies (e.g. STAPS) or a related area
  • English Language skills B2 Level (CEFR)

On your marks, get set, go:

How to apply

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Passionate professionals:

The Team International Sport Management

“At LUNEX, we really get to know students from day one and we plan exciting group activities that enhance the learning experience while really taking the time to make sure everyone understands. The International Sport Management programme provides high quality education to the next generation of reflective and skilled sport managers with a global mind-set, able to work in the complex and international environment surrounding sport organisations.”

Prof. Dr. Mathieu Winand

Head of Department
International Sport Management

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Dr. Mathieu Marlier

Senior Lecturer

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Sebastian Merten

Research Assistant

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Prof. Dr. Mathieu Winand

Head of Department of International Sport Management
Chair of the Exam Board

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