The first step to successful degree:
Establishing important foundations

LUNEX University’s Foundation Programme is aimed at applicants for the Bachelor courses in Physiotherapy, Sport and Exercise Science and International Sport Management, who do not yet fulfil the admission criteria due to insufficient English skills or lacking the appropriate foundations in their science education.

The Foundation Programme will provide you with the perfect basis for successfully completing your degree in the scheduled length of time. The results from your entrance test at one of our application days (Application Days). will indicate you whether you will need to participate in the Foundation Programme before commencing your course. The Foundation Programme is recommended for any prospective student who would like to optimally prepare for their studies.

Participants in the Foundation Programme receive additional teaching in English and/or Science. If you can demonstrate that you only need support in one area, there is the option to skip one element and go to either English languages classes or just the Science part of the programme.

The Foundation Programme is completed when you can successfully prove your acquired knowledge in an examination. Depending on prior knowledge and your rate of progress this generally takes between six and twelve months. Participants subsequently start their course – there is no need to reapply.

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Your training plan:
What you can expect in the Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme will make sure you are ready for your degree course in the shortest time possible. But that’s not everything: as all your course units are on campus, you are fully involved in student life from day one. Not only will you get to know the lecturers and professors at LUNEX University better, but also your fellow students.

Discover Differdange together as well as campus life at university. Meet and socialise with other students who will soon become your friends. Nothing will stand in the way of the perfect start to your degree.

Procedure & learning contents

Your equipment:
What you will need to bring with you

The Foundation Programme is aimed at prospective students who want to do a Bachelor’s degree. Please therefore note the relevant admission requirements. You will find further information on the course pages for Bachelor in PhysiotherapyBachelor in Sport and Exercise Science and Bachelor in International Sport Management. Important to note: due to visa requirements we are currently unable to accept any prospective students from non-EU countries in the Foundation Programme.

On your marks, get set, go:

How to apply

Ready to get started? Applying to LUNEX University is easy and possible all year round. It only takes three steps to start your studies. We’ll run you through the application process.

You can apply online for the Foundation Programme at any time. Just fill out our Online Application Form. Participation in the Application Day is not necessary in this case – you can skip step 2. If, however, you are unsure whether the Foundation Programme is right for you, you can also start by taking part in an Application Day and completing the general admissions procedure. In this case, please just apply for the course of your choice.

After receiving your online application for one of our study programmes, we will invite you to one of our Application Days. Based on the test results achieved there, we will decide whether you will be admitted directly to the course of study or whether you should first participate in our Foundation Programme to complete and expand your knowledge. If you are unable to travel to Luxembourg on the Application Day, please contact us. Under certain circumstances, we can arrange an appointment for an online interview with you.

Have you directly applied for the Foundation Programme or were you recommended to do so at our Application Day? Excellent, you are almost finished! You will receive an email from us with your agreement for participation in the Foundation Programme. Please print it out, sign it and then send it to LUNEX University by post, along with the evidence documents specified in the email.

Passionate professionals:
The Team Foundation Programme

Dr. Ana Isabel Aranda

Science Teacher

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Sílvia Viana

English Teacher

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Dr. Sara Vernocchi

Science Teacher

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Alexis von Blumenthal

English Teacher

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Any questions?
Individual advice

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide advice on individual issues regarding LUNEX University and our study programme:
Phone: +352 288 494-40

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