Study Start Winter Semester 2016 at LUNEX

On October 6 and 7, the first 19 students in LUNEX University’s Sport Exercise & Science – Human Movement (B.Sc.) program commenced their studies. They joined their 48 fellow students from the Physiotherapy program to attend an introductory event on campus.

The event began with an official welcome from Prof. Dr. Jan Cabri (Dean of LUNEX), Prof. Dr. Andreas Mierau (Director of Sport Exercise & Sciences) and Roland Krecké (Physiotherapy instructor). During their short speeches, they gave the new students a first glimpse of the material and routines awaiting them in their chosen programs. Organizational matters related to their studies were then addressed. At this point, each student received his or her own iPad, which will be used regularly throughout their studies, and their brand new adidas sports bags.

The flexible educational concept of LUNEX combines block scheduling in small groups with self-study. The language of instruction is English. In addition to an extensive range of bachelor’s programs related to sport and health, the university also offers master’s programs in Physiotherapy, International Sports Law and Psychology. Applications for admission to one of the sought-after programs can be submitted year-round.

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