Study start at LUNEX University

On Monday 18 th April the first 52 students started their studies at LUNEX University. On the occasion of the study start international and local experts from the fields of education, sports and health spoke in a moderated panel discussion. True to the motto “next generation of sports” the diversity of the topic of sport and health and the importance of future-oriented educational services for an international career were made clear.

International experts in a panel discussion

ouverture Lunex – Differdange – 18.04.2016 – © claude piscitelli

Claude Meisch, Minister of Education and higher Education in Luxembourg, illustrated how well the new university matches with the Luxembourgish educatinon infrastructure: “(…)LUNEX University is the missing piece in our educational landscape.” In cooperation with LUNEX University various other projects arouse. According to Meisch every side profits from those projects, to which every new player contributes his experience, knowhow and knowledge.

For the field of sports the “integrated sports concept” created by the Luxembourgish National Olympic Committee (COSL) in cooperation with the Ministry for Sports is a fundamental pillar for these collaborations as the acknowledgement of an academic education in Physiotherapy by the Ministry of Health is for the field of physiotherapy. According to Prof. Dr. Axel Urhausen, President of LUNEX University and chief physician of the sports department at the Centre Hostitalier de Luxembourg (CHL), LUNEX University functions as a “(…)missing link – nationally as well as internationally. Up to now there has been a lack of such academic education in the fields of Sports and Physiotherapy (…)”.

One of those project is the cooperation between Luxembourg and China as Rob Thillens, Commissioner of the Government in the Ministry of Sport, explains: “(…)in LUNEX University we found our academic partner for the development of an European Table Tennis academy. The goal is to give European athletes and trainers access to the comprehensive experience of Chinese table tennis.” This is very exciting as the status of table tennis in China is comparable with the role of Bayern Munich in German football.

Ludwig Fresenius, supervisory board member of LUNEX University and COGNOS AG, one of Germanys biggest education providers, got to the heart of the value of such collaborations: (…)the most important career tool is a functioning network. This applies in particular to the students who get to know people from different countries and establish helpful contacts worldwide (…)”

Dynamic cooperation

The Mayor of Differdange, Roberto Traversini, gave a vivid description of the study location which delighted all guests present. He was especially thankful for the dynamic cooperation of everyone involved because, “(…)in the community it is the same as in sports – sticking together makes the difference (…)”. In Differdange, specific investments in sports and education have been made for some years now. The plan is to expand this engagement in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee (COSL). Connected to that is the decision of locating LUNEX University as a new sports university in Differdange.

Best possible network

The international position of Luxembourg and the outstanding infrastructure on-site were the reason for establishing the study location in Differdange, Christian Alt, CEO of LUNEX University, pointed out. Next to the sport-infrastructure in Differdange, a various and competent network on the ground is crucial for the success of a university.

Having Prof. Dr. Axel Urhausen (President LUNEX University) and Prof. Dr. Romain Seil (i. a. 1st Vice-President ESSKA – European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) on board, the project was supported by internationally known experts from the very beginning. Furthermore, representatives of the nationa physiotherapy federation (ALK – Association Luxembourgeoise des Kinésithérapeutes) and National Olympic Committee (COSL – Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois) are partners of LUNEX University right from the start and were able to include their ideas.

In addition more internationally renowned experts such as Prof. Dr. Jan Cabri (Dean, Faculty of Health Science at LUNEX University) and Prof. Dr. Dirk Vissers (Professor for Physiotherapy) were enthusiastic and decided to contribute to LUNEX University with their extensive and international experience in the fields of education and science to LUNEX University.

Apply now

Application at LUNEX University is possible all year round, whereas studies start in April and October. The current range of studies including Physiotherapy (B.Sc. &  M.Sc.), Sports Physiotherapy (M.Sc.), Human Movement (B.Sc.) and International Sports Management (B.Sc.) will be expanded. In the winter term LUNEX University will offer International Law in Sports (M.Sc.), Training & Coaching (B.Sc.), Sports and Health Engineering (B.Sc.) and Psychology (B.Sc. & M.Sc.) as well as Psychology and Coaching in Sports (M.Sc.). The opening of further university campuses in Europe is planned for the future.