Scholarship for luxembourgish athletes

Promoting a Dual Career

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We promote sports in Luxembourg

The lack of a way to combine sports with studying or part-time work is a common reason why many athletes give up their athletic careers. By flexibly organizing their studies, athletes can pursue their athletic careers to the fullest while working towards earning a federally recognized degree at LUNEX University. These students simultaneously use the knowledge gained in areas such as human movement, sports management, and physiotherapy for their own personal training programmes and athletic success, while also preparing for their post-athletic careers.

LUNEX University gives athletes access to a dual study programme that optimally harmonizes sports and future careers. This is made possible by our flexible study concept (block lessons), small classes, personal supervision and international input from the worlds of science and research. Together with our cooperation partner for organized sport in Luxembourg, the Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL), we have set ourselves the goal of actively promoting sport and dual careers in Luxembourg.

Ambassador from both worlds

Athletes and clubs/associations will also benefit from the expertise of Laurent Carnol (3-time Olympic swimmer). He is familiar with the cornerstones of a successful dual career from personal experience and will be available for students for the necessary support and motivation.

Scholarships for luxembourgish athletes

Athletes often had to leave the country to continue their high-level sporting activities in addition to their normal studies – but now they can graduate from a highly recognized study course in the fields of physiotherapy, sports science, or international sport management at LUNEX University – and still remain faithful to the sports clubs in their own country.

Application Criteria
  • Member of COSL Elite Squad, Promotion Squad, a Senior National Team or “Centre de Formation”
  • Letter of Recommendation issued by federation
  • Letter of Motivation (in English)