New international University for Sport and Health in Luxemburg

COGNOS AG opens up new opportunities for students in the wider region from April 2016 onwards.

Cologne. COGNOS AG, one of the largest German educational institutions, is opening an internationally oriented University with the name ‘LUNEX University’ in April 2016. The headquarters of the newly established Luxemburg company will be in Differdange (Luxembourg). COGNOS AG is thus taking another step towards internationalisation.

The project team at COGNOS AG, under the leadership of Christian Alt (Head of Business Development Health at COGNOS AG and future CEO of the Int. University of Health, Exercise & Sports S.A.) devised the course content at LUNEX University in cooperation with experts from the Luxemburg healthcare sector and international professors.

The courses that are on offer focus on the sectors of sport, health, prevention and therapy and have already been successfully accredited by an international commission of experts. The Int. University of Health, Exercise & Sports S.A. was granted official authorisation by the Luxemburg Ministry of Higher Education on June 2, 2015 in the form of a ministerial decision.

Students from Luxemburg, Germany, Belgium and France are to be inspired for the courses in Physiotherapy (B.Sc.), Sport Physiotherapy (M.Sc.), Sports Science (Human Movement, B.Sc.) and International Sport Management (B.A.). The courses at the International University of Health, Exercise and Sports will be offered in multiple languages. In coming years the aim is to further develop the courses on offer in the sectors of sport, health, prevention and therapy. Further bachelor and master and PhD courses are to be established gradually.

The future campus of LUNEX University will be located in Differdange. The former swimming pool is to be converted into an ultra-modern university complex in the Parc du Sport in the coming months. In order to retain the sports reference parts of the indoor swimming pool will the kept and integrated into the design of the university.

Interested people can apply for the above courses at LUNEX University with immediate effect. Send your application documents to For more information on the university and the application process please go to