LUNEX students participating in Mud Day

“On July 1st, me and 19 other LUNEX students participated in the Mud Day in Amnéville. Even though there was a little rain, everyone was really motivated.

Mutual support and motivation were the key words during the race: We ran in a team and waited for each other before every obstacle (22 in total). Finally we all reached the finishing line regardless the level of each of us, except one who got wounded during the race. This race permitted a good cohesion of our team and created some new relationships.

Thanks to LUNEX for supporting us with a grant for the registration fee and a t-shirt. Due to the bright orange we were able to still find each other in the mud and really represented LUNEX University as a team.

It was a race to challenge ourselves and push boundaries. If it was to redo and reorganize it again, I would not hesitate a second.

I hope that through the years there will be more and more LUNEX’s participants.”

Robin CASSOLA, LUNEX student, Physiotherapy


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