Is Snapchat the new Facebook?

And is WhatsApp the new e-mail? Questions like that arose during the “Hochschulbarcamp” our marketing team went to. In Essen, Germany, 80 Social Media Experts from 40 different (mostly german) universities met and exchanged ideas on the topic of “Social Media & University Communication”.

The main idea of a barcamp is focusing on user-generated content. Its character is similar to a workshop as the content, provided by the participants, needs to be filled with life by the participants themselves. Discussions, field reports, round of questions or case examples – it doesn´t matter, everyone is obliged to participate and share his/her knowledge and experience. There are no speakers or experts. At least no acknowledged experts. But as some for sure are closer to being an expert in a special topic than others and vice versa the content of a barcamp is of high importance and great substance. Every participant is welcome to propose session topics and after agreeing on the topics for the day a diversfied timetable everyone can choose of, arises.

The timetable for Day 1 at the university barcamp 2016 included livestreaming, snapchat, youtube, hatespeach, Xing, whatsapp, instagram, student service on facebook an many more.



In lively discussions the participants debated whether livestreaming at the campus is of added value to prospective and current students and what kind of videos a university should produce for its youtube channel. Lots of experiences and tipps were shared while the future of social media at universites was clear to some and unknown to others.

We are definitly coming back next year and who knows, maybe we will be able to present a little “best case example” of the social media use at LUNEX University then.

By the way: Snapchat is not the new facebook but WhatsApp seems to be the new e-mail, at least for school students.