How to write an entry test in the gym

After weeks of preparation and hoping that everything would work out well, Team LUNEX was pleased to welcome the first candidates to the entry test in Differdange last Saturday and Sunday. But all worries were without any reason – the international candidates coming from France, Luxembourg, USA, Haiti, Ivory Coast and Brazil were more than happy of the intimate and friendly atmosphere the whole team conveyed. First item of the agenda was the written test and the location caused incredulous amazement. “Sure, we are a sports university. Why not carry out the test in the gym – on mats, the stands or a bench. Just choose a place, make yourselves comfortable and get concentrated.” Jan Cabri, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Science at LUNEX University, replied. No sooner said than done and after one hour everyone was happy to get started with the exercise. Neither rain nor low temperatures or a heavy medicine ball stopped the candidates from being highly motivated. The cooper test was still working hard on some when it came to the last step: 100m swimmming. But all exhaustion was forgotten when 70 people, candidates and LUNEX staff, cheered on them every single meter like there was no tomorrow. No wonder everyone was more than happy to get a nice dinner and some drinks afterwards. In the Brasserie “Schräinerei” in Differdange the sports day was finished in a relaxed atmosphere until everyone was getting some rest for the interviews on Sunday.


The whole team of LUNEX University would like to thank all candidates again for coming and making it such a successful event.

Fotos: Julian Rohn