Champion Swimmer is new lecturer at LUNEX University

The 27-year-old Luxembourger Laurent Carnol can already reflect on a successful athletic career, having set several national records and qualified for the semifinals of the Olympic Games in London, to mention but a few of his achievements. Currently, the primary focus of his athletic career is his preparation for the Games this summer, for which he has qualified. The beginning of a career as a lecturer at the Faculty of Health Science at LUNEX University is a “further, significant milestone.”

Dual career = a unique challenge

Carnol knows how difficult it is for a Luxembourgish athlete to harmonize achieving excellence in sports with one’s professional career track: “We athletes here share similar problems with athletes from other countries in terms of the general reception of our sports discipline. Outside of football, it’s nearly impossible to make a living from sports alone. Previously, there were also no degree programs that approached sports from an academic perspective. LUNEX University has happily changed all of that.”

To make matters more difficult, Luxembourg does not have the system of athletic sponsorship that Germany, for example, has: “The general support and promotion that we athletes receive from the Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL) is tremendously important in order for us to establish ourselves in our respective disciplines. Traditionally, however, there has not been any monthly financial support as there is in Germany.”

Getting in contact with the new university


“Dual career” is one of the reasons that Laurent Carnol is now an instructor at LUNEX University: “I first came into contact with the new university through its president, Prof. Dr. Axel Urhausen. The fact that students here attend classes offered as block seminars and therefore do not have to dial back their athletic pursuits immediately caught my interest. This is an excellent opportunity for young athletes who want to achieve success in sports and in their professional careers.” And Carnol has benefitted from this personally as a lecturer at the University: “With this semester schedule I too can combine training and competitions with my other commitments.”

During his lecture on the topic of dual career that he held for the EU, Carnol became acquainted with the CEO of LUNEX University, Christian Alt. “And the rest is history,” said Carnol, smiling.

As the first semester approaches, the anticipation is great

“I’m indeed very excited about these new challenges. The first students began in April. Currently, we’re in the process of finalizing the content in my teaching areas. In the fall, on-site lectures (e.g. in biochemistry) will take place.” In this context, Carnol will be employing his professional background as a teacher at the Sportlycée in Luxembourg.

We wish Laurent Carnol all the best for his first semester at LUNEX University and in preparing for the Olympic Games this summer!

About athlete Laurent Carnol

The Luxembourgish swimmer has already set records in the breaststroke (50, 100 and 200 m). In 2013 he earned his Bachelor’s degree from Loughborough University in Great Britain (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry) and in 2015 earned his Master’s degree in analytical chemistry. Throughout his studies, he was active in Loughborough University’s swim team. Since September 2015, Laurent Carnol has been working as a teacher at the Sportlycée in Luxembourg. In May 2016 he began working as a lecturer at in the Faculty of Health Science at LUNEX University in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.

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