Foundation Programme

Foundation Semester

At one glance

Tuition fees: 600 EUR per month
Registration fees: 550 EUR
Language: English
Semester start: April | October


At least 12 years of school education or equivalent prior education (e. g. school education plus school-based vocational training for a total of 12 years)

Admission & registration

  1. Send online application
  2. Upload the required documents when requested by email.

Start your studies perfectly prepared

The Foundation Programme at LUNEX University is aimed at applicants for the Bachelor programmes in Physiotherapy and Sports Science (Exercise and Sports Science – Human Movement) who are not yet able to meet our admission criteria based on the results of the admission test during an Application Day. The Foundation Programme is also a perfect basis for prospective students who want to prepare themselves optimally for their studies.

Students taking part in this course will receive additional lessons in science and English in order to create the necessary linguistic and content basis for successfully completing the study programme.

The Foundation Programme is concluded when the level of the acquired knowledge is proven successful. Hereafter, students can commence their studies in Bachelor / Master in Physiotherapy or Bachelor in Sports Science (a new application is not necessary).

Online check Foundation Programme

Take the test and find out whether a Foundation Programme could be worthwhile for you – completely anonymously, of course. In less than a minute you will receive an initial assessment. Your data will not be stored.

The following five statements refer to your English language skills. Please rate yourself on the scale indicated.

Learning foreign languages is difficult for me.

When I read English texts, I immediately understand what it is about.

I can clearly follow conversations or lectures in English, even in the case of complex issues.

When I speak English, I often look for the right words.

In public, I avoid speaking English.

The following five statements refer to your knowledge in science. Please rate yourself on the indicated scale.

I am good in natural sciences.

Biology is a subject in which I know my way around.

Chemistry is a subject in which I know my way around.

Physics is a subject in which I know my way around.

Analytical thinking is easy for me.

You're almost there. Are you sure you filled out everything correctly?

Programme overview and learning contents

Introduction week

During the first week of the Foundation Programme, participants will have to sit various tests to measure their knowledge in English, biology, chemistry, and physics. At the same time, they will be provided with an introduction to scientific works and are familiarized with different learning techniques. Tutorials on the use of certain software programmes (Excel, Socrative) complete the curriculum.

Intensive phase

The intensive phase comprises approximately 24 hours of English language instruction per week and consists of various learning units:

Natural sciences

  • Biology (4-6 hours per week)
  • Chemistry (4 hours per week)
  • Physics (4 hours per week)


  • English (2-4 hours per day)

Additional self-study is highly recommended, depending on the level of knowledge and individual learning pace.

Final exam

The examination phase for natural sciences of the Foundation Programme begins in the penultimate week with preparatory seminars. The final examination itself takes place in the first week of March or last week of July, depending on the beginning of the course.

English examination will be held four times a year. Students will sustain the exam according to their level until they are able to progress enough to pass a final B2 level examination.  Exams consist of an oral English test (conversational situation) and a written exam.

Students who do not pass these exams have the possibility to pass a re-examination. When these two final examinations are successfully completed, students can begin their studies.

Foundation Semester
Foundation Semester

Application process

After we have received your online application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Before the beginning of the Foundation Semester we also need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the school-leaving certificate and/or vocational certificate
  • Current passport photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm)
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Preliminary studies: Ex-matriculation certificate(s)

Upload the required documents when requested by email.

Online application

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