How to contact us?

You can contact us:

By e-mail: info@lunex-university.net
By phone: +352 288 494-40

How to register?

First, you must register online here.

Then you must send us the remaining documents to application@lunex-university.net

What is a statutory health insurance certificate?

It is a separate confirmation/certificate from your social security informing that you are insured. It is normally issued and sent by the health insurance provider on request (e.g. Social Security Card, Gesundheitskarte).

What is the sports medicine examination?

To be admitted to the “Physiotherapy” and “Exercise and Sports Sciences” courses, each candidate needs a medical certificate attesting to their physical health. This examination can be performed by a general practitioner or a sports doctor. The doctor shall draw up the health certificate, which must be submitted to the educational establishment together with all other documents in the application file.

What is a certified copy?

In order to apply for a degree, you must submit a copy of the authorization to study at a higher education level in the application file. This copy must be certified by a public institution, e. g. the mayor’s office or a notary, in order to confirm the authenticity of the authorization to access higher education as part of the application procedure.

What language are the different courses given in?

The language of instruction for every study program at LUNEX University is English.

How can I apply and when do the courses begin?

You can apply and pass the selection procedure throughout the year. To do so, fill out our online form.

For our Physiotherapy and Foundation Semester programs, our semesters start on April 1st and October 1st.

Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement and International Sport Management begin October 1st.

Are prior courses in the field, subjects or modules being recognized by LUNEX University?

Our team from the Study-Service Office will have to verify the content of your previous modules and make a decision based on the following documents:

  • Academic transcript
  • Module handbook (details of course content, including the number of hours and ECTS)

Verification and validation take place on a case-by-case basis.

Study duration

  • “Physiotherapy (B. Sc.)” lasts 6 semesters / 3 years.
  • “Exercise and Sports Sciences – Human Movement (B. Sc.)” lasts 6 semesters / 3 years.
  • “International Sport Management (B. A.)” lasts 6 semesters / 3 years.

What scholarships / financing opportunities are available?

The students, who are residents of Luxembourg or whose parents are working in Luxembourg can contact:

  • CEDIES study grants (Please note that the study grants by CEDIES will not be offered to the students starting our Foundation Semester since this programme does not figure on their list of eligible study programmes.)
  • Scholarship from the Félix Chomé Foundation

If the students are living in Germany, they can contact BAFöG/AsulandsBAFöG

If the students are living in Belgium, the students can contact:

  • Communauté Française scholarships: in order to receive study grants for studies being done abroad, Belgian students must either live abroad with their families or must take courses that are not offered in comparable form in Belgium.

If the students are living in France, the students can contact


What accommodation is available?

LUNEX University endeavors to cooperate with the city’s hotels and restaurants. Currently, there are no discounted accommodation options for students at LUNEX University.

Houses and apartment can be found using the following links:

You can find hotels in Luxemburg using the following link:

What about public transport for students?

Since the 1st of August 2017, every student enrolled in a university or post-secondary institution can apply for a mKaart, a ticket that allows free use of all means of public transport on the entire Luxembourg network. All you have to do is enter your application and a certificate of enrolment at a post-secondary institution to collect your personalized mKaart at one of the ticket offices.

The offer is aimed at Luxembourg students, whether they are registered in Luxembourg or elsewhere, as well as foreign students studying in Luxembourg. For non-Luxembourgish students enrolled at a foreign university, a parent must work in Luxembourg to be eligible for the mKaart.

The card, personalized and non-transferable, is valid for one year, to be renewed each time by presenting a registration certificate and the old card at the counter.

For more information visit the site mobiliteit. lu.

Is the LUNEX University handicapped accessible?

Yes, the LUNEX University premises comply with handicapped accessible construction. 

What should I know about the Foundation semester?

Our “Foundation Semester” is an additional semester of preparation, preceding the Bachelor’s degree in “Physiotherapy” or “Exercise & Sport Sciences”.

During this semester, our academic staff will be teaching both natural science and English courses to provide you with the solid foundation you need to enter and complete the Bachelor’s program.

This semester is organized especially for candidates who, according to their results in the selection tests and their level of English, do not yet meet our entrance criteria.

Meeting challenges and finding solutions to them is the vision of LUNEX University.

For more information about our Foundation Semester, please follow this link.

Would you like more details about the registration process? Please follow this link.