Faculty of Management

The FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT at LUNEX University uniquely combines practical expertise concerning key management processes with topicspecific research questions from the domains of science and research in the content of its programs. The practically-oriented degree programs reflect the needs of the international sports business sector as well as the expectations of modern sports companies worldwide. Graduates distinguish themselves with their high marketability and are well-equipped to work in many areas, including those outside of sports.

International Sports Management (B.A.)

By providing students with a firm foundation in business management and economics, the degree program prepares graduates for work in the sports business sector. The degree program is aimed at those currently involved in the strategic leadership of clubs, confederations, companies, and organizations in the field of sports, and those who aim to be in the future. Competencies and skills acquired in the program can be employed in institutions that cooperate with athletes and sports organizations (sponsors, event marketing, etc.), in addition to emerging businesses and companies outside the field of sports.