Faculty of Health Sciences

Modern humans and the ever-changing landscape of challenges they face are the focus of the teaching and research at LUNEX University. What sets the FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES apart at LUNEX University is the unique connection between different disciplines under the umbrella of sports sciences and therapy. Studies in this faculty cover areas as diverse as the acquisition of movement, for example among children and young people, performance-oriented training, and prevention and rehabilitation in the contexts of injury and diseases.

Study programs

Physiotherapy (B.Sc. & M.Sc.)

The degree program in physiotherapy at LUNEX University distinguishes itself through its unique combination of academic education and practically oriented content. The program is aimed at emerging expert staff and leaders in the field who are interested in the subject of physiotherapy and want to practice their profession at the highest academic level. Both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s programs should be completed by students in order to become licensed to practice as physiotherapists in Europe.

Exercise & Sports Science - Human Movement (B.Sc.)

Students in the degree program become specialists in human movement and develop a broad range of competencies that they can apply in many contexts. The degree program is aimed at anyone interested in working with a broad spectrum of people (children and adolescents, patients postinjury, disabled people) who need to learn or relearn movements.