Qualification round for studies:
Application Day

LUNEX University is known for its practice-oriented, international, and high-quality scientific education. Participation in one of our Application Days is required to apply for a Bachelor’s degree. This is where we assess whether you have the necessary language skills, knowledge and competences to study in English at LUNEX University.

For whom is Application Day designed?

Application Day is aimed at applicants for the following degree programmes:

Participation in Application Day is not necessary when applying for the Foundation Programme or for our Master’s programmes.

What you can expect at Application Day

You will other Bachelor applicants attending the Application Day at LUNEX University. After an official welcoming at 11:00 am we will start by taking a two-step admission procedure consisting of a written and an oral test. Once you finish, you will have the opportunity of going on a guided tour of the university. Application Day ends around 3:00 pm.

What you should bring with you

  • Personal ID
  • Writing material
  • Food & drink

Drinks and snacks can also be purchased from our vending machines.

What else is important:
Further information about Application Day

When does Application Day take place?

Application Day takes place several times a month at LUNEX University in Differdingen, Luxembourg. As soon as we receive your online application for one of our Bachelor’s programmes, we will invite you to our selection process. You can choose from various dates and register for Application Day.

Too far to travel?

Visiting LUNEX University is always an experience and is the best way to get to know us – we therefore strongly recommend a trip to Luxembourg. If it is still not possible for you to travel here for Application Day, if, for instance, you live far away, then please contact us. We would be more than happy to arrange an appointment for an online interview as an alternative.

What happens next?

We will contact you with your test results within a few days after you have participated in Application Day. You will have completed all the necessary prerequisites to start your studies once you have successfully passed the admissions procedure. Congratulations!

Did you not pass? Don’t panic!

If your level of proficiency is not yet sufficient for your studies, you have the opportunity to repeat Application Day after three months. Alternatively, you can participate in our Foundation Programme and refresh and improve your knowledge of English and/or science in a targeted manner. Once you have completed the Foundation Programme, you will be well prepared for your studies – there is no need to participate in Application Day again.

Any questions?
Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide answers to your questions about LUNEX University and our study programmes:
E-mail: info@lunex-university.net
Phone: +352 288 494-40

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