More fun as a group:
A lively campus in a lively town

Studying at university is an exciting and defining time. As well as professional development, it is a time when you will be meeting new people, forming life long friendships and developing a sense of community with your fellow students. Differdange and Luxembourg offer a wide range of leisure and sports activities, as well as an excellent selection of restaurants and bars that offer discounts to our students. The LUNEX Students’ Union organises student events and is happy to answer any questions.

Studying makes you hungry:
Tips and discounts for bars and restaurants

It’s hard to study on an empty stomach, and good food also plays a huge role in ones free time. Here at LUNEX University, we are currently planning a building extension that includes the construction of a canteen with a large kitchen, which will offer delicious meals at a fair price. From a culinary point of view, Differdange and Luxembourg also have a lot to offer.

Great savings for our students: our food service partners

LUNEX University has established partnerships with restaurants and bars near our campus. At these locations, our students benefit from special discounts. We strive to continuously expand this network of partners.

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Travelling in Luxembourg:
Reach your destination quickly – for free

Since 1 March 2020 public transport can be used free of charge throughout Luxembourg. As our campus has excellent public transport connections, our students and staff can particularly benefit from this offer. Four DiffBus bus lines are on hand to take you into town, and other destinations are easily reached as well.

If you are travelling by car, you will find a multi-storey car park in the immediate vicinity of the LUNEX University campus. Here, you can use the rechargeable DiffCard to park at affordable rates.

Any questions?
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We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide answers to your questions about LUNEX University and our study programmes:
Phone: +352 288 494-40

LUNEX – International University of Health, Exercise and Sports S.A.

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