Dr. Bettina Karsten

Assistant Professor

Department of Exercise & Sport Science


Phone: +352 288 494 – 82
Email: Bettina.Karsten@lunex-university.net

Asst. Prof. Dr. B. Karsten is the Programme Leader of the BSc Exercise & Sport Science degree. She is also the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Council at LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise and Sports. Dr Karsten received her doctorate in Sport Science from the British University of Greenwich in 2014 and she obtained her BSc Hons in Sport Science and Biology from the University of Hannover/Germany. After her degree, she took up a position in a rehabilitation centre for musculo-skeletal rehabilitation while obtaining the equivalent of a taught Master’s degree in Sport Therapy at the German School for Physiotherapy in Waldenburg.

Research profile

Asst. Prof. B. Karsten primary research interest is in Endurance Performance, Exercise Tolerance and Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning for Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation and Performance. Specifically, she is interested in field testing of Critical Power/Critical Speed and W´/D´ as well as the application, the monitoring and the enhancement of both parameters. For publications please see PubMed.