Foundation Semester

We are pleased to announce that LUNEX University is now offering a ´Foundation Semester´. A Foundation Semester is an additional Semester prior to the Bachelor programs in Physiotherapy and Human Movement. During this semester our Professors will teach both Natural Sciences and English classes to offer a solid foundation necessary to start and follow our Bachelor program in either Physiotherapy or Human Movement. It is designed especially for those applicants who do not yet meet our required entry criteria because they are facing challenges in English and/ or Natural Sciences. This is where LUNEX jumps in. With the Foundation Semester, applicants are now offered a solution to face and overcome their challenges by acquiring a sufficient level of knowledge in both fields to be able to follow the Physiotherapy and Human Movement module contents and be prepared to kick-off with the Physiotherapy or Human Movement program. This is what LUNEX believes in; facing challenges and finding solutions!

Should you not yet have the necessary English skills to start with the Bachelor program, the Foundation Semester is the right choice for you. After 6 months of English lessons, there will be a written and oral exam to define whether you have leveled up your skills to the required standard which would then allow you to start either the Physiotherapy or Human Movement Bachelor program.

Unlike the modules within our study program that are organized in block-scheduling, the Foundation Semester offers courses every week (+- 24 hours/week).

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