FAQs for the university application:

How can I contact LUNEX University?

You can contact the Lead- and Recruiting Management Department at LUNEX University as follows:

For general questions concerning the study programs or the organization contact:

For special questions concerning the application or application process contact:

Tel: +352 288 494-40

Where and how do I submit my application documents?

Please send your application documents per mail to:

E-mail: application@lunex-university.net

Attention: We also absolutely need the paper version for:

  1. a certified copy of the General Certificate of Secondary School Education (e.g. baccalaureate, Abitur) OR the original of the recognition of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education for the General Certificate of Secondary School Education (e.g. baccalaureate, Abitur). You can contact the Ministry with this link.
  2. a police record (e.g. Certificate of conduct, Führungszeugnis)
  3. the proof of the transfer, made for the application event fee (85€).

Please send it to:

LUNEX University
Lead and Recruitment
50, avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Differdange

Is there an invitation for the application day?

Yes, after having your application process completed you will be invited by receiving an official invitation. Fill in, sign and send it back to:

LUNEX University
Lead and Recruitment
50, avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Differdange

Is there a fee for the application day?

Yes, there is a fee of 85€ that has to be transfered to the following account in advance:

LUNEX University

IBAN : LU13 0030 0280 1122 2000


Please make sure to state your name (the applicants´name) and the application day date (e.g. Michel Mueller, fee application day February 2017) as the purpose.

What do I need to bring for the application day?

We want you to feel comfortable so make sure to wear clothes you feel good in. For the written tests: Please bring a pen / pencil

All application documents and the proof of payment for the application day fee should be send in advance. If it is to late, please bring it for the day.

What is a statutory health insurance certificate?

It is a separate confirmation/certificate from your social security informing that you are insured. It is normally issued and sent by the health insurance provider on request (e.g. Social Security Card, Gesundheitskarte).

What is the sports medicine examination?

Only necessary for Human Movement & Pysiotherapy students

A confirmation of one electrocardiogram (ECG) in rest is required by every applicant for a physiotherapy or sports science course. This examination can be carried out by any general practitioner, any sports medicine specialist or any cardiologist. The doctor issues the certificate of health, which then needs to be submitted to the university with the ECG and all the other application documentation.

What is a certified copy?

A copy of the university entrance qualification (baccalaureate, …) is one of the application documents required for the university application.

This copy needs to be authenticated by a public institution, e.g. a municipal office or a notary, in order to validate the authenticity of the university entrance qualification.

What language are the different courses given in?

The language of instruction for every study program at LUNEX University is English.

How can I apply and when do the courses begin?

Application at LUNEX is possible all year round. Please see the application process for further information.

Application days take place two times a year. For dates check out the application website. 

Study start for Physiotherapy (B.Sc.) is in April and October.

Study start for Exercise & Sport Sciences – Human Movement (B.Sc.), International Sports Management (B.A.) and Sports Physiotherapy (M.Sc.) is in October.

What form should the curriculum vitae take?

Please, use the Europass form that you can download here.

Are prior courses in the fields, subjects and modules being recognised?

Please send:

  • a letter of request mentioning for which courses you would like to request an equivalence
  • a certified copy of the transcript of records of your university with
  • all the documentation concerning the validated courses (ECTS, contents, hours).Consideration and recognition will be taken on a case-by case basis.

Study duration

  • Bachelor programs: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS)
  • Master 1 program (Physiotherapy) : 2 semesters / 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • Master 2 program (Sports Physiotherapy): 2 semesters / 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • Physiotherapy: Master 1’s studies should be pursued after the completion of the Bachelor’s. Thus the graduates can apply to become licensed practitioners in most of the European Union countries, under the conditions to follow the national process to request a licence to work.

Where can I work after my studies?

Our diplomas are recognised in the whole European Union. You can work in all the European Union countries, under the conditions to follow the national process to request a licence to work, if it exists.

Does the university charge tuition and study fees?

There is a one-time registration fee of 550 €. This includes a starter package for each student.

The following monthly fees are charged:

  • Bachelor (+Master 1 Physiotherapy): 600 €
  • Master 2 (Sports Physiotherapy): 750 €

The following semester fees are charged:

  • 150€/semester are due for Student Union and Luxembourgish transportation.
  • Or 112,50€ without transportation

Where do I send the term fee?

LUNEX University will debit the Study Fees of your account by a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. LUNEX will send you a form as soon as you are accepted as student. You will have to fill up this authorization. This mandate will be used for all the fees:

  • Semester fees (LSU+Transportation)
  • Study fee (Month)
  • Registration fee (once for Bachelor Degree; once for Master Degree)

The bank operation will be done from the 5th to the 15th of each month by the following bank account:

Account holder: LUNEX University of Health, Exercise & Sports S.A.

IBAN: LU13 0030 0280 1122 2000


What scholarships / financing opportunities are available?

The students, who are residents of Luxembourg or whose parents are working in Luxembourg can contact:

  • CEDIES study grants:


  • Scholarship from the Félix Chomé Foundation:



If the students are living in Germany, they can contact:

AuslandsBAföG für ein Auslandsstudium

If the students are living in Belgium, the students can contact:

  • Communauté Française scholarships: in order to receive study grants for studies being done abroad, Belgian students must either live abroad with their families or must take courses that are not offered in comparable form in Belgium.


If the students are living in France, the students can contact:

  • http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/bfe


What accommodation is available?

  • The university aims to initiate cooperation with local hotel and gastronomy operations. However currently there are no discounted accommodation offers for students at LUNEX University.
  • Houses and apartment can be found using the following links:




  • You can find hotels in Luxemburg using the following link:


Are discounts available for public transport?

  • The reduced price is included in the Semester Fee: 37,50 € / semester
  • A sticker will be provided. It will have to be pasted on the student card.

Is the university handicapped accessible?

  • Yes, the university premises comply with handicapped accessible construction. 

Is there a university constitution?

  • Yes, you can find the constitution here

Where do I find the study and assessment regulations?

  • Please find the study and assessment regulations here

What should I know about the Foundation semester?

We are pleased to announce that LUNEX University is now offering a ´Foundation semester´. A Foundation semester is an additional semester prior to the Bachelor programs in Physiotherapy and Human Movement. During this semester our Professors will teach both Natural Sciences and English classes to offer a solid foundation necessary to start and follow our Bachelor program in either Physiotherapy or Human Movement. It is designed especially for those applicants who do not yet meet our required entry criteria because they are facing challenges in English and/ or Natural Sciences. This is where LUNEX jumps in. With the Foundation semester, applicants are now offered a solution to face and overcome their challenges by acquiring a sufficient level of knowledge in both fields to be able to follow the Physiotherapy modules contents and be prepared to kick-off with the Physiotherapy program. This is what LUNEX believes in; facing challenges and finding solutions!

Should you not yet have an English language certificate indicating your English level, please be informed that LUNEX will take care and organize a language test at the beginning of the Foundation Semester to define your English skills, and then test you a second time at the end of the Foundation Semester to define whether you have leveled up your English skills to a B2 level which would then allow you to start either the Physiotherapy or Human Movement Bachelor Program.