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“In addition to the unique location of LUNEX University in the heart of Europe, our network of departments and organizations in the fields of sports and health offers our students interesting long-term prospects for careers around the world. Our campus offers excellent, centrally-located sports facilities as well as convenient connections to public transportation.

As a young, international institution of higher education, we see it as our responsibility to set high standards in the areas of teaching and research as well as in the personal support we provide for our students. In block and small-group courses, we have the opportunity to assist students in a more tailored way than is usually the case at state institutions. Athletes and students who work full-time, and who otherwise struggle to schedule studies around their other obligations, also have the opportunity to obtain degrees that are recognized Europe-wide.

International experts are committed to relaying their expertise and extensive experience in the field to students. Our joint goal is to enhance understanding about movement, motor activity, and training in the contexts of prevention, rehabilitation, and athletic success.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Urhausen

President of LUNEX University, Head of the Medical Staff of the Luxembourgian Olympic and Sporting Committee, Chief Physician of the Sports Medicine Department at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, 2016 GOTS Sports Doctor of the Year



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This is LUNEX University

The International University of Health, Exercise and Sports (LUNEX University) is focusing on socially relevant and closely linked areas of health and fitness, sports, therapy and preventive medicine.

Headquartered in Differdange (Luxembourg), LUNEX University offers study programs with an international student and lecturer environment. During the years to come, the LUNEX strategy is to expand the international campuses and offer professional qualification programs across Europe. With the help of a close and highly recognized international network, LUNEX University ensures the highest educational and scientific standards.